Thursday, January 21, 2021

Dana Myers, President & CEO, Myers EV

 Dana Myers

President & CEO, Myers EV

In my younger years, I used to think that when God gave mankind dominion over the earth, it meant we could do whatever we wanted to do with the earth.  Now I believe that dominion was more along the lines of bringing Garden of Eden beauty and order to a world of chaos. 

In the late 1800's, the transportation pollution concern was tons of horse manure. Thousands of gallons of horse urine and dead horses littered the streets of the world’s biggest cities.  Gas cars solved this problem. 

The world now has over one billion gas cars, and the accumulated emissions are harming human health and the environment.  Not very Garden of Eden-ish.  Now that we recognize this, we can do something about it.      

Electric cars are the next progression.  Unfortunately, many electric cars are more polluting than gas cars due to the large battery packs needed for long-distance trips.  Fortunately, most of our driving is short trips.  Short-range electric cars used as second household vehicles are cleaner than gas cars - and less expensive to buy. A new idea, perhaps, but ofttimes the way forward looks different than what we think we need.     

God created us in the divine image and gave us a mandate.  As we look to God – not to government or to others - God will give us the solutions we need to do what we were created to do.  And the answer is always one that makes life better for others as well as ourselves.  Through looking to God and practicing the Golden Rule in all we do, we can get back to the Garden. 

After putting together a team that built and sold 3-wheel EVs, 
Dana Myers founded Myers EV to build the perfect car for around-town driving:  the 4-wheel, 2-person, Point5.  He and his wife of 34 years currently attend Bethel Cleveland, an evangelical charismatic church. 

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