Friday, July 23, 2010


The 219th General Assembly proved quite successful for PEC. 37 members either joined or renewed their membership, the PEC exhibitor’s booth was well-visited with the new T-shirts being a big hit, nearly 100 people attended the PEC luncheon, former PEC Coordinator, Rebecca Barnes-Davies’ new book, “50 Ways to Help Save the Earth” flew off our shelves and the earth-care resolutions passed with ease! With GA over, next on the PEC agenda is to revise our membership renewal operation.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

PEC's New Web Host Helps Haiti

PEC's new web host donates half-a-million dollars for Haiti disaster relief the day after the earthquake through "Hope for Haiti." Go Daddy’s philanthropic CEO and Founder Bob Parsons initiated the move immediately after learning about quake, saying "Those of us not affected by this disaster need to step up." Go Daddy has ......a history of jumping in to help generate financial support for victims of natural disasters, including contributions to Thailand tsunami victims in 2004, Katrina hurricane victims in 2005 and Iowa flood victims in 2008. Last year alone, Go Daddy donated nearly$2.5 million to a wide variety of charities, including those aimed at medical research, domestic violence and education

Go Daddy Cares

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