Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Extended Early Bird Deadline for PEC's Conference!

Dear Friends,

PEC's 2013 Conference, "Ethical Earth Care: Keeping Creation Sacred", is coming up fast, but there is still plenty of time to register! In fact, we are excited to announce that the early bird registration deadline has been extended to August 31st in order to give more people time to register at a discounted rate. Our full conference brochure is available here, and includes a schedule, descriptions of the inspiring worship and engaging workshops and much more. Click here to register for the conference today! 

We also encourage you to submit nominations for PEC's 2013 Awards before September 1st. If you are a PEC member, please click here to nominate an awardee. PEC honors individuals whose Creation care work deserves recognition with the William Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award. Our Restoring Creation Award is given to faith-based organizations such as congregations, governing bodies, ecumenical agencies, and other Presbyterian-related groups in recognition of praise-worthy environmental work. These awards will both be presented at the conference, so don't forget to submit your nomination by September 1st! 

We hope to see you at the conference!

Elspeth Cavert
PEC Conference Coordinator

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Changes Ahead for PEC Coordinator

Dear Creation Caretakers,

This is an exciting time of transition and new beginnings for Presbyterians for Earth Care and the wider Creation care community. Throughout the past year, I have served as coordinator for Presbyterians for Earth Care, as part of my Lutheran Volunteer Corps year working with the Eco-Justice Program of the National Council of Churches. As my year comes to a close, the new incoming Lutheran Volunteer will be transitioning into the role of coordinator in late August. 

Throughout my year as coordinator I have been inspired by the passion and enthusiasm that members and friends of PEC have for the hard but necessary work of protecting the earth. Though this work may seem frustrating or slow-going at times, I have seen this year that by framing issues of climate change, extractive industries and toxic pollution in moral terms, PEC is adding voices to a growing chorus and laying the foundation for progress on these crucial issues. 

Though my time as PEC coordinator is coming to an end, I will continue to work with PEC as conference coordinator for the upcoming 2013 Conference “Ethical Earth Care: Keeping Creation Sacred." I am looking forward to the engaging presentations, speakers and activities that are planned for this conference. If you haven’t already done so, click here to sign up for the conference! The early bird registration deadline is August 15th, so there are just two days left to register at a discounted rate!
This is also a season of change for the Eco-Justice Program. After three decades of Earth care ministry, it is spinning off to form its own separate organization, Creation Justice Ministries.  Creation Justice Ministries will continue to be dedicated to the same goal of protecting God’s Earth and God’s people by providing education and public witness through annual Earth Day resources, webinars, and other Creation care activities and resources for congregations! Please click here to visit the new Creation Justice Ministries website!

Elspeth Cavert
PEC Coordinator