Thursday, February 18, 2016

EARTH-Keeper: Jiyoung Kim

An Artist for Christian Education
by Abby Mohuapt

I first met Jiyoung Kim when we were students together at McCormick Theological Seminary from 2008-2012. She came from South Korea with her husband when he started his masters program; he was going to school while she took care of their three children.

When she was in South Korea, Jiyoung had been an artist for Christian Education curriculum for the Presbyterian Church in Korean (PROK). Her beautiful images made from clay are perfect illustrations for how God speaks to us as we learn and grow as people of faith.

Clay image by Jiyoung Kim

In 2012, Jiyoung started her Doctorate in Educational Ministry at Columbia Theological Seminary, and her focus is how we use the church to care for creation. She has focused on how small churches can work together to love the earth and all that God has made. In a recent piece she wrote that "Christian education should be a place in which to thoughtfully engage in understanding our practices and performances. Furthermore, it should help them to live their lives the way God wants them to live. For this reason, ecology is one of the subjects which Christianity can put it into action as a specific, important and meaningful idea. We are empowered to do stewardship that should reimagine what it means to have dominion over the Earth, doing well by God, our Creator."

Her work relies on all senses so that the children, youth, and congregations she engages feel connected in every way to the earth and to each other. You can see some of her work and read her writing here.

Abby Mohaupt and Jiyoung Kim

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