Sunday, February 9, 2020

PEC Award Nominations Now Open

Make a Nomination for PEC’s Annual Earth Care Awards 
by March 31

2019 was another year of climate disasters, rollbacks of environmental regulations, and more people experiencing climate grief. Despite the dire predictions for 2020, many people of faith are handling their grief by taking extraordinary actions to care for God's creation. Presbyterians for Earth Care presents three awards each year to honor these remarkable people: two for individuals and one for an organization that promote best earth stewardship and environmental practices. As a member of or donor to PEC, you are invited to make a nomination for PEC’s Annual Earth Care Awards by March 31.

The William Gibson Eco-Justice Award honors an individual who:
  • Has a long history of being a good steward of the earth
  • Promotes sustainable practices for individuals or organizations
  • Motivates and inspires others to care for God’s creation
  • Demonstrates active care and concern for the sacred bond that exists between all things, living and nonliving. 
The Restoring Creation Award honors an organization that:
  • Demonstrates sustainable practices and models them for other organizations
  • Operates in a manner that is consistent with good stewardship of God’s creation
  • Partners with other organizations to leverage resources for greater impact
  • Encourages continuous environmental efforts within the organization.  
Ashley Bair received the Emerging Earth Care Leader Award in 2019
The Emerging Earth Care Leader Award is given to an individual, age 18 to 30, who expresses care and concern for the sacred bond between all living things, and
  • Demonstrates sustainable practices and motivates others to care for God’s creation.
  • Expands earth stewardship and sustainable practices through organizing, developing, and/or presenting one or more activities, projects, publications or events.
  • Incorporates care and concern for the sacred bond between all living things.
 An individual does not need to be a Presbyterian to be considered for an award. If you would like to make a nomination but aren’t already a member, you can join or make a donation now. Please see our previous award winners to get an idea of who would be a worthy nominee. This year’s Earth Care Awards will be presented on June 23 at our 25th Anniversary Luncheon at the PC(USA) General Assembly in Baltimore.

You may also mail your nomination to PEC, 501 Valley Drive, Durham, NC 27704. Download the nomination form here. 

PEC appreciates your care of God’s creation and is grateful to be able to honor individuals and an organization for their good stewardship of our common home. Please make your nomination for a PEC Annual Earth Care Award by March 31, 2020.

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