Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Time's Up for Fossil Fuels

Time's Up! Divest from Fossil Fuels Now

As we prepare for General Assembly in St. Louis in about two weeks, I want to direct your attention to one of the largest conversations that will be happening there. 

Forty presbyteries. Several are part of the Synod of the Northeast, which has already decided to divest from fossil fuels as a council. Quite a few of the concurring presbyteries are in coastal regions, facing new threats of potential offshore drilling. Some are in the middle of the United States, with pipelines passing through with great risk, connecting their regions to bigger port cities. A number of these presbyteries are actually in historic fossil fuel extraction regions, too.

On June 1, walkers from around the country will begin the PCUSA Walk for a Fossil Free World with an Opening Worship in Louisville. Join us.

From that worship service, walkers will walk between 10-15 miles a day, worship together in the evening, and learn from experts on climate change, the Bible, investments, and other topics related to divestment. You can join us on our last day on June 15 in St. Louis.

Once we are at General Assembly, Fossil Free PCUSA will be organizing to amplify the voices of 40 presbyteries and front line communities of climate change who have asked us to remember them and stop profiting from climate change. (Read more at Do Not Forget US: Reflections from Iraq)

But we will be working against intense institutional pressure. Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI), the Board of Pensions, and the Foundation have all said that PC(USA) should continue to engage with the fossil fuel industry. Forty presbyteries, frontline communities, and former moderators of the denomination have called for categorical divestment. Time’s up to engage—the fossil fuel industry has had enough time to change their business model. (Read more at Five Things You Need to Know About Categorical Divestment).

Please reach out to your commissioners to ask them to support divestment and OVT 08-01. 

And if you’re at General Assembly, please come and see us in the exhibit hall, testify in open hearing (email us if you need help), join us at the PEC Luncheon, the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Peace Breakfast, or Committee 8 proceedings.

Thank you for your prayers.

Together we are for creation.
rev. abby mohaupt

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