Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gratitude for God's Creation in Advent

Dear Friends in Earth Care,

Happy Advent! I trust you are enjoying our Advent devotion (here in a handy pdf or below on the blog) and that this season of expectation is one of peace, love, joy, and hope.

Below you'll also find the links for the overtures that our Advocacy committee has been working on, resources on refugees and earth care, as well as art and poetry, as is becoming our theme and practice.

May these last weeks of 2015 remind you of the love of God and our call to love each other and all creation.

with hope and gratitude,
Abby Mohaupt, Vice Moderator and Newsletter Coordinator
Presbyterians for Earth Care


In the dark of winter
Now is a small spark

    that brightens shadows with a flicker of hope
    that strengthens resolve in an instant of courage
    that limits the painful to a moment of time

Now is the only time i have...and all the gift I need...
In the heart of winter.

Mary Jo Lavin,
Dec. 2014

Advocacy Opportunities: Overtures and Resources!

Want to learn more about fracking and how your presbytery can respond? Check out the overture to ban fracking and a powerpoint to use while presenting the overture.

You can also bring this overture on empowering the Presbyterian Mission Agency to speak to injustices related to fossil fuels--or this overture opposing factory farming.

And yours could be the next presbytery to concur with the overture to divest from fossil fuels. As of December 16, nine presbyteries have approved this overture.

Environmental Refugees and Earth Care

In this season of Advent, when we remember the birth of Jesus in a manager and his later flight to Egypt as a refugee, we acknowledge that people all over the world have fled their homes this year. 

In 2005, National Geographic wrote about environmental refugees, people who had to find new homes because of environmental disasters. This trend continues, and we pray for those who are forced from their homes for any reason, as we wait for the One Who Comes to Us, exactly where we are, and who will come again.

 Diane Waddell (center), current moderator, would like to share gratitude for the leadership and legacy of previous moderators Nancy Corson Carter (left) and Jenny Holmes. May we all continue to have passion and strength for the important work and pursuit of eco-justice and the healing of the planet.

Advent Devotions

Have you been reading the Advent Devotions this year? Find all the reflections on the blog here and catch up or reread. 

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