Monday, February 6, 2012

PEC Lenten Devotional 2012

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Friends in Earth Care,

We enter into Lent in gratitude for God’s graciousness. We are i
n awe of the beauty of this sacred space with which God has gifted us.

At the same time, we come in grief; with deep sorrow for the losses which Creation has borne…loss of topsoil,
clean water, habitats of species; loss of clean air and pristine wilderness, of opportunity for fuller health and healing; and much more.

With this Lenten Devotional, Presbyterians for Earth Care invites you to enter into Lent with us … seeking… reflecting …pondering… “Feasting and Fasting” . Each devotional will contain Scripture, Prayer, and a Reflection. There is a reading for each holy day and one for each week of Lent.

The reflections are based on “Feasting and Fasting.” A 2006 set of devotionals from (then) Presbyterians for Restoring Creation followed a similar theme. Members explained,“We are called both to attend to the sacredness of Creation and to respond to it by active participation in the protection of Creation”.

You will receive this devotional electronically only. It will be shared a few days before the holy day or holy week it represents. It will also be available on the PEC website. Please share it with others.

Many thanks to those who helped develop these devotionals. Thanks also to Shantha Ready Alonso who prepared the layout and especially to the Rev. Holly Hallman, member of PEC’s Steering Committee, who worked as co-lead in developing this offering.

Deep peace and strength to us all as we enter into this sacred holy season. May we together seek and find the connections and blessings of feasting and fasting as we encounter Christ in and through Creation.

Click here to access our 2012 Lenten Devotional or join PEC to get regular email devotional deliveries.

Diane Waddell is a nurse practitioner, practicing integrative and holistic medicine. She is a moderator of Earthkeepers of Heartland Presbytery, which has been active in preparing eco-justice overtures for General Assembly.

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