Thursday, January 12, 2012

Message from the moderator: What Lies Ahead?

What lies ahead?

What lies ahead for Earth…this mystical creation… gift to all who live here on this abundant sphere?

What lies ahead for us in 2012 and after?

It is time to ponder… to discern possibilities… to re-engage our passion. Time is critical. We must make the decision to live much more simply…or it is likely we simply will not live. I have been trying to listen to several current prophets who have researched our heavy-‘footedness’ on the planet. Richard Heinberg, author of The Party’s Over and Peak Everything notes it is time to realize that the environment is NOT a subset of the economy….but the economy is a subset of the environment. It is time for us to give up our overuse of the gifts of God and share our gifts much more equitably. If we do not reassess and readjust our overuse, the planet, the web of creation, will be forced readjust for us.

PEC and other persons of faith hold the precious gift of theological, biblical reflection and subsequent opportunities for ministry. We can incorporate ‘gratitude’ into our being, and ‘reach out and touch, and hold’ in the name of God. We can teach, and pray, and work. We can hold, both within and without, a mystique which can move us along…and carry us forth in this world of overuse and overindulgence.

We are blessed with excellent collaborators on our eco- and social justice journey -- Environmental Ministries, Office of Public Witness, Presbyterian Hunger Program, Eco-Stewards, Presbyterian Camps and Conference Centers… just to begin to name the Presbyterian groups who work toward sustainability. We wish a very enthusiastic welcome to Rebecca Barnes-Davies, DMin, who is beginning as Associate for Environmental Ministries. Rebecca has an article in the next “Update”. (Also, please check out PCUSA’s new “Unbound. An Interactive Journal of Christian Social Justice").

We have a large number of persons who are in our network, and we also have so much potential for growth. We also have a significant impact in the denomination, and yet we know we can do more. We must never underestimate our passion and our gifts in ministry.

We invite and highly encourage all members…and friends…to become more involved within PEC. There are many ways we can do this. Soon, PEC’s Regional Representatives will be contacting you by email to introduce themselves and suggest ways of connecting. WE NEED YOU to let us know ways we can incorporate your gifts and enthusiasm for creation care. Also, please consider an additional financial support gift to PEC if you have not already responded to our letter of request late in 2011.

I am very grateful for each of you. Thanks to God for strength and grace of God in this journey.

With gratitude,

Diane Waddell

Moderator, Presbyterians for Earth Care

The photograph at the top is a picture of morning worship at the PEC 2011 Faith and Environment Conference at Highlands Camp and Conference Center. The theme of the conference was "God's Earth: Too Big to Fail? An Eco-Justice Conversation Among Faith, Environment, and Spirituality."

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