Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dear PEC Members and Friends,

Announcing --- our third PEC Update for 2011!!

This Update is partially a reflection of our 2011 Conference at Highlands Conference Center, “Too Big to Fail? A Conversation among Faith, Science, and Culture.” The conference was informative, energizing, and truly transformative. We are grateful to all who participated!

Many thanks as well to all who were a part of producing this Update. We particularly hold up Jenny Holmes, immediate past PEC moderator, who planned the edition and gathered the articles, as well as Will Layton, Eco-Justice Fellow, NCC Eco-Justice Office, who edited and prepared the layout.

The final Update for the year is underway. It will be in a different format, as we are offering an Advent/Christmas Devotional. There will be a weekly devotional reading for each week of Advent plus one for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It will come both through electronic media as well as printed format.

The Earth is greatly in need of our care-giving now, and many advocacy issues ‘out there’ needing our attention. There is much in the way of eco-justice and social justice to do.

Strength and wisdom to you in your journey of Earth care.

In hope and faith,

Diane Waddell
Presbyterians for Earth Care

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