Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lenten Devotional Introduction

Introduction to PEC's 2018 Lenten Devotional

During communion recently, I was feeling a bit weary and confused as to what to do about it. This mind-set was built up over time, absorbing a lot of information about environmental disasters, watching my own community change and suffer from deforestation and pollution, and experiencing indifference in others and some in myself. Worn down, I sat in worship and listened to our pastor remind us that Jesus is the answer to my state and the state of things. Without him, I am unable, tired, and bewildered--not a good place to find yourself. What a relief to hear the good news afresh.

Did you ever see a drawing of Jesus when you were a child or young person? I remember these from Sunday School and Jesus was always doing something miraculous like healing a person, rescuing a lost sheep, feeding thousands with a little lunch or speaking to the sea. Jesus was a hero. So, during communion, I reclaimed him--the One who can do this earth care thing that I can’t seem to sustain. Jesus can speak to hearts; he can confront; he can protect; he can conquer. I do try to stay close to Jesus, but it’s hard as I get distracted, overly confident in myself, or afraid. Staying close to Jesus’ hem is where I need to be. That way, I can hear his words, and receive his power to go out and do this work.

This year’s devotional is about how we each hold on and stay in the ministry of caring for God’s creation. It’s about how we cannot quit. One special word in the scripture that day was that Jesus is the Source of our faith (HCSB version). I sat there, hearing Jesus speak directly to me through our pastor, John, telling me he is the answer. The only way I can do earth care is with him leading, giving strength, and providing comfort. Thank you, Jesus! :) You are still my hero!

Thank you to everyone who is reading and who contributed a devotion this year.  May the peace of Christ be with you. 
Tama Eller

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