Friday, April 3, 2020

Corona, Climate Change and Creation Care

Caring for God’s Creation during Corona

God has given us not only an amazing world but amazing bodies with brains to think about life and our will to act together for the common good. In these very trying days of a pandemic, God calls us to act thoughtfully and willfully.  

The novel corona virus is all we hear about, all we can think about, all we pray about and it affects everything we do every day. COVID-19 has gotten the attention of the whole world like nothing since World War II. All of us need to be diligent about our personal hygiene and social interactions while adjusting to a new normal for ourselves and our families.

Curiously, restrictions on our travel, work settings, and shopping habits are having a positive effect on God’s creation. Flights are being cancelled and commuters are staying home. Across the globe, factories are shutting down and CO2 levels are decreasing – at least for now. During China’s lockdown, coal consumption dropped 36% from the same time last year. We don’t know when this pandemic will end, but we do know that our individual actions and the actions our businesses and governments take will determine how long it lasts. However, we also know that climate change will still be with us once the pandemic ends. 

More and more people are thinking about the link between this pandemic and climate change, about the consequences our actions are bringing. The likelihood of another pandemic and more and more severe weather events is growing. One of the ironic blessings of this current crisis is that - self-quarantined or under orders to stay home - we have an opportunity to slow down, get quiet, listen and see from this distance what God will wish next. As important as it is for our voices to be heard, it is important for us to listen. What is this pandemic telling us? What is the call to mitigate and to attend to those who will suffer from humanity's denial? Where is the Creator God leading us?

At the same time, if you are feeling a call to action, there are a few things you can do remotely:
1.     PEC's Advocacy Committee wrestles with the latest opportunities and initiatives to consider and could use your help. Contact Paul Heins
2.     Sign Fossil Free PCUSA’s petition for categorical divestment from fossil fuels.
3.     If you want to connect with like-minded individuals, call into our monthly Presbytery Earth Care Team ZOOM calls. Reply to this email to be added to the list. Our next call is April 13 at 8 PM Eastern.
4.     Renew your PEC membership by April 22. If you are not already a member, join this national network of Presbyterians and other people of faith who are ready to make creation care a central concern of the church.

Being thoughtful and willful come from God's gifts.  Together they invite us to live in hope, the hope we know in Jesus Christ. May your days be filled with hope and peace and calm and grace.

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