Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Earth is the Lord's--Not Ours to Wreck

A Biblical, Bold and Beautiful New Imperative 
from a Sister Denomination

On July 3, the United Church of Christ (UCC) passed A Resolution of Witness,“The Earth is the Lord's--Not Ours to Wreck: Imperatives for a New Moral Era,” calling on clergy to preach and congregations and persons of faith to set a moral example to protect God’s creation. Presbyterians for Earth Care affirms the concept of this UCC statement and emphasizes it as a model.  

Photo taken by Dan Hazard, at the United
Church of Christ General Synod 31 in Baltimore. 
The statement of the UCC notes that "God's great gift of in crisis... The scale of Creation's demise is dramatically expanding beyond our comprehension. Never has the earth and the climate changed so quickly. While the leaders of every country in the world recognize this reality, our current Administration ignores science, defunds the Environmental Protection Agency, and withdraws from the Paris Climate Accord." The UCC  is sending out a call for "a new moral era."

They note that leaders of over 190 countries have signed the Paris Climate Accord and that "mayors of 30 American cities, the governors of numerous states and leaders of hundreds of American companies have publicly committed the institutions they lead to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in compliance with the Paris Climate Accord..."

They then resolve to initiate their "new moral era" and 
1.    "Let our clergy accept the mantle of moral leadership...
2.    Let all of us incarnate the changes we long for...[and] 
3.    Let us proclaim truth in the public square"

Truly bold is their statement that we must hold to the truth, recognizing that truth can and is being compromised. They call for commitment "to resist all expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and demand new sources of renewable energy that are accessible to all communities."

Let us truly have ears to hear and courage to join with our sisters and brothers in this Resolution of Witness. Let us pray, join hands and stand resolute in the truth we know that creation is a sacred gift, this earth is our home, and God is leading us to care for and stand in Faithful Resistance in this new Moral Era. 

Diane Waddell
PEC Moderator

(The PEC Advocacy Committee and Steering Committee feel this is a very important document and are currently discerning ways to create a similar statement. We all need each other's prayers.)

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