Monday, May 16, 2016

What will happen to this place?

Poem for Creation 
by Laurie Fisher

In the vastness of the Universe there is a place.
A place with immense oceans teaming with life.
A place with forests alive with untold numbers of species of insects, animals, birds, trees, and plants.
A place with vast open spaces to grow grains and other food.
A place with rain to provide water for all living things.
A place with a nearby star to warm the air, the soil, and the water.
An amazing place, it is.
Billions of years in the making.
A place human beings call home.
Humans have done amazing things with the resources of this gifted place.
Some things have been beneficial, but others have not.
The sustainable level of fossil fuel use was exceeded years ago.
The place’s climate is losing its equilibrium. Creation is suffering.
Humans have a choice to make every effort to restore equilibrium.
If this choice is not made, what will happen to this place?

Laurie Fisher is a Ruling Elder from Heartland Presbytery. She has been very active in gathering momentum for a Fossil Free PC(USA).

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