Thursday, November 13, 2014

Five Smooth Stones

Dear Friend of Creation,

He picked up five smooth stones from a stream and put them into his shepherd's bag.
(1 Samuel 17:40)

We are like David.  He took what lay at his feet and challenged the biggest problem of his day.  We do this too, because

   as Presbyterians we take on big issues,
   we know we have the hope of the empty tomb,
   the ending is set with all creation gathered in the loving arms of the God that created us, and
   we have seen the power of passionate people. 

Our fifth stone represents those of you who provide the financial support that makes our advocacy presence known at General Assembly, provides inspiring luncheon speakers, equips leaders at gatherings like the upcoming 2015 Conference at Montreat, September 15-18, and supports regional efforts that create earth care opportunities on every shore—even the shores of the Arctic Ocean. 

We appreciate those who have supported us in the past and ask everyone to please do two things:
1.            Join one of our working groups and help us plan, advocate, educate and more.  Email us at
2.            Make a contribution toward the work of the coming year on our website. Scroll down to Donation Information and make a selection. 

We need your passion for the work we do and we need your financial support.  With that we can whirl small stones at very big Goliaths!

Yours in Earth Care,

Holly Hallman
PEC Vice Moderator

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