Thursday, September 4, 2014

Read the PEC Fall Update

From the PEC Fall Update

The world is becoming more and more complicated. Both coping and responding are becoming more difficult. Yet, commitment to a healthy, socially, and sustainably just society and Earth are vital to our existence as individuals and as a world community. We must renew and refresh and remain on task in caring for each other, caring for Earth.

During our recent General Assembly, the convention center filled with a sense of energy, spiritual centeredness, and hope. There was throughout, a feeling of gratitude for the strength of this denomination, yet at the same time, a knowledge that our strength is through our faith and our connection with our Creator. We are a body of Christ, seeking guidance in working toward being a model for society.

This denomination was well represented. The stalwart organizational strength of the PC(USA) was evident. The brilliant enthusiasm of youth was empowering. Hard-working members brought overtures and resolutions to committees, many of which moved to the floor of GA.
And there was the fire, glow, and energy of a new light among us, Fossil Free PCUSA, dressed in appropriately tinged orange shirts and kerchiefs. They were noticed.

We as a body of Christ are all indeed called: we are called to respond and commit in working toward a healthy, beautiful planet. True, it is difficult, challenging, and complicated. Yet God has gifted us individually and collectively with what is needed to heal the planet. I am grateful for your gifts, your commitment, and your work.

I am also sustained by the words of the New Social Creed, which can help strengthen and guide us. The following words from the Creed, particularly, relate to this important work:

In hope sustained by the Holy Spirit, we pledge to be peacemakers in the world and stewards of God’s good creation, by working for:

Adoption of simpler lifestyles for those who have enough; grace over greed in economic life.

Access for all to clean air and water and healthy food, through wise care of land and technology.

Sustainable use of earth’s resources, promoting alternative energy sources and public transportation with binding covenants to reduce global warming and protect populations most affected.

Equitable global trade and aid that protects local economies, cultures and livelihoods.
Strength to you all as we work toward climate justice, social justice, and a more loving and sustainable world community. 

Diane Waddell
PEC Moderator 

Awake! Awake!  Holy One, we are the choir.  We are awakened to the terrible things we have done to your gift of the garden.  Now our plea is for the music, notes and words, that we need to sing to those around us who are in a deep sleep of unawareness. Our hearts are full to overflowing with the pain of what we see around us.  Give us, we pray, the melody for awakening our human family. Amen

Note: This prayer was written by Holly Hallman, PEC Vice Moderator, as she took part in the PEC-Yukon Climate Conference in Alaska, along with 39 others.

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