Thursday, May 1, 2014

PEC Summer Update

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From the PEC Summer Update

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The time is truly NOW that we who love Creation must rise, reach out and reclaim a banner of urgency in caring for our Home. As climate change is upon us, there are many among us who are sensing the urgency of changing our overly consumptive ways. Many national and world leaders are crying out to be heard. Much of the media still prefers to cling to stories that distract us, such as the fate of the Malaysian jetliner. Yet we must hold our ground and be proactive in focusing discussion on how to tend the Garden with seeds of sustainability rather than with toxic chemicals leading to slow suffocation and destruction.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) has a huge and hugely significant report on the effects of climate change, which is coming in geometric proportions, much faster than previously predicted. After years of very disappointing responses from leading countries such as the U.S. at international climate conferences, many responsible world leaders have researched and prepared a document verifying the disaster upon us.  We who love Earth can feel her groaning under the effects of continued toxic effects of trying to extract more, pollute more, and call it progress.

A new series, “Years of Living Dangerously,” is a set of 10 documentaries that explore the human impacts of climate change. One of many well-known concerned citizens highlighted is Katharine Hayhoe, PhD, an atmospheric scientist and evangelistic Christian, who PEC has previously been in contact with as a keynoter. Many people of faith including Presbyterians are hugely dedicated to working on healing the Earth and holding Earth sacred. Many have been heard at PEC conferences and many will be heard at General Assembly in Detroit this June.

PEC continues to be a leader in the movement and is embracing those prophets who are working toward the true meaning of divestment from the fossil fuel industry. We are working also to hold up sustainable, responsible development and research in technology and production. We are grateful for Yukon Presbytery, who is sponsoring a young woman of indigenous heritage who will speak for the overture on the Precautionary Principle. PEC supports the overtures against coal export, the Overture on Food Sovereignty and against factory farming. Thanks to the extra effort of those presbyteries who concurred with these overtures in order to get them to GA. See these overtures on PC-BIZ. However, as important to get the information through the national level, it is the impact at the individual, congregational and community levels where we also must also focus.

It is at the grass roots level that we need to feed, be fed, and become prophetic in calling for a return to more simple, beautiful, lifestyles and communities of caring, with responsible consumerism, living in gratitude to God, working to heal and hold sacred our Home. Amen.

Diane Waddell
PEC Moderator

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