Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PEC Annual Meeting – October 18

Dear PEC Members and Friends,
Each year, PEC has an annual meeting where we report to our membership and present items that require a vote by the membership. This year’s meeting will be on October 18 at the PEC Conference, Ethical Earth Care: Keeping Creation Sacred http://www.presbyearthcare.org
At this meeting we will be confirming the election of the new Southeast Regional Representative to the Steering Committee, Paul Homeyer, and presenting the Bill Gibson Award and the Restoring Creation Award to this year’s winners. The membership will also be voting on amendments to the PEC bylaws that were approved by the Steering Committee at its July meeting.  
The bylaws require the membership to be notified at least 15 days before the vote. The following amendments will be voted on by the membership at the PEC Annual Meeting at Ferncliff Conference Center on October 18.  
  • The Steering Committee election will be conducted electronically in addition to a mailed written ballot prior to the Annual Meeting.  
  • The Annual Meeting will be conducted at the Steering Committee’s Annual Retreat. 
  • An Executive Committee, made up of the Moderator, Vice-Moderator, and Treasurer will have full authority to act for the Steering Committee in managing the affairs of the organization between meetings of the Steering Committee.
  • A provision for the Steering Committee to fill a vacancy on the Committee, by appointing a successor to serve the remainder of the vacating Director’s term has been added.  The Steering Committee may also authorize the Moderator to make interim appointments to fill vacancies. Any person appointed to fill a vacancy on the Steering Committee will hold that office until the Annual Meeting at which the successor is elected and assumes office.  
  • The Nominating Committee will be approved by the Steering Committee instead of being elected by the Membership. The Membership will still vote on the slate of nominees. 
  • A quorum will consist of one-half of the Steering Committee members. 

To view all the changes and edits to the bylaws see the blackline document.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Caring for God’s Creation,
Jane Laping
PEC Vice Moderator

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