Thursday, April 11, 2013

Care for God’s Earth: Get your PEC Update by e-mail

Dear Creation Caretakers,

As an organization, Presbyterians for Earth Care works to protect and preserve God's earth through advocacy as well as in our operations. The PEC Update, our quarterly newsletter, has been published in a paper format since 1995.  If you would prefer to receive the Update by e-mail rather than the paper edition in your mailbox, please complete this form

We want to make wise use of the financial resources that you provide to PEC. Layout, printing, and mailing of the PEC Update are a significant portion of our budget. Paper copies of the PEC Update are a better option in some situations, but if you would prefer to receive yours by email, just fill out this form.


For almost daily updates from PEC, look at the Presbyterians for Earth Care Facebook Page. If you haven’t already, join more than 1250 people who “like” us on Facebook! You can also write a recommendation about PEC on our Facebook page 

Detailed information about PEC, our advocacy platform and upcoming conference is always available on our website,  No matter how you choose to communicate, let’s keep in touch!

Jane Laping
PEC Vice-Moderator

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