Thursday, January 3, 2013

Epiphany Greetings from the Steering Committee of PEC!

Presbyterians for Earth Care thanks you for your support in 2012 - financially, prayerfully, through your readership, and through your ministry in Earth advocacy and Earth-caring. We are very grateful for your being a part of PEC and look forward to continuing our partnership in 2013.

In this season of Epiphany, we are mindful of gift-giving, remembering the Magi who brought gifts from afar to the infant Jesus.  I think Epiphany is an especially meaningful time to share gifts, especially in a less-consumeristic sense. I would hope that in this coming year you would consider your dedication and work in Creation care as a sacred gift.  It would be a gift which PEC is very happy to recognize and would be most grateful for.

Please keep in your mind and prayers our conference "Ethical Earth Care: Keeping Creation Sacred" to be held at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center on October 16-19.  Key leadership includes Larry Rasmussen (Reinhold Niebuher Emeritus of Social Ethics Union Theological Seminary), the Rev. Neddy Astudillo, and the Rev. Bryan McFarland.  This will be an excellent event.

Also please refer to the PEC website
 regarding our Policy Priorities document on Climate Care Advocacy.  This includes excellent resource information on the many critical issues we will be facing related to the use of fossil fuels.  It includes our policy and information on hydraulic fracking, mountain top removal, tar sands extraction, and coal export.  Keep in your prayers as well the important work of Eco-Stewards and all our many partners in ministry in the PC(USA) including camps and conference centers, seminaries, and colleges, as well as other ecumenical and ethical earth caring-organizations and individuals. Pray for Creation itself as indeed we all are One.

Peace and Passion to you as you share your gifts this Epiphany. Let us, with renewed energy and faith, continue the sacred work of Earth-tending.

Yours in gratitude for Life, Creation, and Gift-Giving,

 Diane Waddell
 Presbyterians for Earth Care

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