Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hope for Eco-Activists: Discovering an Environmental Faith

Dear friends in Earth Care, 

Several months ago, PEC began a collaborative process with Patrick Heery, Managing Editor and Social Witness Associate of Unbound: An Interactive Journal of Christian Social Justice.  We were in the midst of grieving about the environmental state of our planet. We needed renewed hope.  We agreed to invite fellow Earth-justice-seekers to help lead in searching for a prophetic word, a new pathway along sacred soil, a source of strength for our internal landscapes. 

That hope, that word and that strength are within this November 2012 - January 2013  issue of Unbound, entitled "Hope for Eco-Activists: Discovering an Environmental Faith". Note that this is an introductory selection of a series of submissions which will "roll out" between now and January. Ideally, please plan to sign up through the www.justiceunbound.org website so you will receive the new articles as they are published.

I am very grateful for the many contributors of these works as we seek hope and strength in days of grieving.  There is a beautiful variety within these submissions;  much depth, much soul-sharing.  Many of the articles were written by PEC members.  Rebecca Barnes-Davies also worked on the process representing Environmental Ministries. There are also authors who represent other faith-based earth care organizations. And Patrick Heery has led this effort skillfully and powerfully. Let us eat and drink of this feast of words.  

May the soulfulness within these reflections enrich us as leaders...that we may become more prophetic, more compassionate, more passionate in our justice-seeking.  

..."In the name of the One through and for whom all things have been created, and in whom all things hold together." Amen (1)

 Diane Waddell
 Presbyterians for Earth Care

(1) Iosso and Hinson-Hasty, Prayers for the New Social Awakening, "For the Earth and Her Creatures", pg. 143.   (Westminster John Knox Press. 2008) 

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