Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monarch Teacher Network: Connecting Classrooms With Creation

I want to share a wonderful way of connecting with Creation.  At GA, I met Cindy Wackerbarth, a teacher who is very involved with the Monarch Teacher Network.  Please see her information which follows, and check out their website.
- Submitted by Diane Waddell, Moderator, PEC

The website is at  Sponsored by a NJ Educational Resource Center, it has been so well received that now there are trained individuals in at least 13 states from CA to New Hampshire to Florida.  The 2 day workshop has been offered as part of a graduate course at West Texas A and M, at public and private schools, and nature centers wherever there it is invited.  Teachers can receive continuing education credit.  

As I am writing this there are workshops occurring in Iowa, and there are several more scheduled this month.  From talking with you, I know you would thoroughly enjoy the two days with like minded, action motivated teachers or all kinds.  

Thanks for all you do.  
Cindy Wackerbarth
Falls Church, VA

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