Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ethics of Energy Webinar - Fossil Fuel Subsidies vs. Food for All - Sept 6 2012

Dear PEC Friends, 

Given PEC's new advocacy focus on the ethics of using fossil fuels, we wanted to make sure you were aware of the National Council of Churches' Ethics of Energy webinar series.

The next webinar will be on September 6th at 3:00pm EDT/12:00pm PDT, and it will focus on the true cost of energy subsidies for fossil fuels. It will explore how much it costs us every year to give financial support to oil and gas companies and provide an analysis of the number of families and children we could help and the benefits to Creation if we were to end these subsidies today. 

Click here to register for this September 6th Ethics of Energy webinar.

This webinar will feature a report that will soon be released by the NCC Eco-Justice Programs: "Faithful Budget, Faithful Stewardship: An Analysis of Energy Subsidies and Poverty Assistance Programs."

Shantha Ready Alonso
PEC Coordinator

ps. A few weeks ago, we sent around PEC's Advocacy Priorities. We sent the long version of the document, and we realize you may not have had opportunity to read it all. Click here to read a brief executive summary of PEC's 2012 Advocacy Priorities.

pps. There are many other exciting events coming up across the country, including the International Day of Peace on Sept. 21, which will focus on Rio +20, and the Food Week of Action October 14-21. Please check out the PEC Events page to read about these events and more. Email to submit events that we ought to post. Thanks!

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