Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vote for New PEC Steering Committee members by June 15.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE for new PEC Steering Committee members today!

The PEC Steering Committee is currently composed of a Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Treasurer, six Regional Representatives and one At-large Representative. Steering Committee members serve 2-year terms and half are elected each year. This year we have vacancies for Regional Representatives for the Northeast, Midwest, and Pacific regions and the Vice Moderator is up for re-election.

The Nominating Committee searched for candidates to fill the open Regional Representative positions and agreed on a slate of nominations. As a PEC member, you may vote for the nominees in one of two ways:

                1. Mail in the ballot on the back of your PEC Update, when it arrives.

                2.  Vote electronically on the web

Both the Update and the web link have the nominees’ biographies to assist you in making a decision. The deadline for casting your vote is June 15.

Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the PEC Annual Meeting and Luncheon that will be held at General Assembly in Pittsburgh on July 5. (Click here to visit our blog for more information about how to purchase tickets.)

Thanks to members of the Nominating Committee, Dick Gibson, Bill Bowman, Pam McVety, Karen Turney, Chair, and Jane Laping, Steering Committee Liaison, for searching out, interviewing, and  informing nominees of their responsibilities and requesting their consent.

Remember to cast your vote by June 15.

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