Thursday, July 16, 2009

National Eco Justice Conference 2009

Follow-up activity and evaluation reviews are underway from the national conference this summer. I'm now about the task of identifying the best website format for the high functionality we hope to provide members. Online access to links and resources - including workshop materials from conference, and that ever-evasive slide presentation by Dr. Howard Frumkin - will be posted for your use in your eco-stewardship work in your congregation.

While awaiting the new website (due to be unveiled in September), become a fan of the new PEC Facebook page.

See you there!

Julie Lehman


  1. Thanks Julie for creating this blog. The conference was awesome and I'm looking forward to PEC really taking off at this point. Just had our Energy Audit on the house today. Found some simple things to do which will help on the energy side. Then we will tackle the big projects. Thanks! Bob R.

  2. Yesterday I had lunch with Rachel Norris who was at the conference from the Presbytery of East Tennessee and she is really energized after being at the conference. She caught me up on things she learned after I had to leave on Thursday night. We have some plans! Also, since she is with the camp in this presbytery, she knows most of the camp directors and one she knows is from StrongHold near Chicago. She said she would get me his contact inof. I will pass that along to Pat who said she would contact some of the conference centers for proposals for the next national conference.

  3. Dear PEC Friends, I was thrilled by the level of enthusiasm of participants at the Faith and Environment Conference at Montreat. Let's keep the momentum building and follow up on our inspirations with joy and persistance! Blessings and Peace, Jenny Holmes, PEC Moderator